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               Our mission is to produce and sell Commercial Christmas displays. It's as simple as that. Professionally, Midwest Display has been building Christmas Displays, very successfully, for over 20 years. We have manufactured displays for big venues, little venues, leased parks, private parks, public parks, famous parks, unknown parks, movie production companies, television shows, various towns, cities, and more. We have the references to prove it. Additionally, we have developed nearly all of the innovations that the Christmas Display industry today, takes for granted. Now we know that History is wonderful, but you are concerned about what we can do for you, today!!!!
               We can build for you the finest Holiday displays that are still made in America. We have the largest selection of individual displays in the world, whether you choose static or animated. Our in-house artists design all of our own displays, whether they are standard or custom pieces. Our hand-built display frames are the most heavy-duty construction in the industry. On any display that you choose, we have a standard large sized frame, as well as a down-sized version. Midwest Display will even sell you a bare frame that you light yourself! We have 2 lighting options, featuring energy-efficient LED light bulbs which are standard or C7 incandescent bulbs.
               Midwest Display has many more facets than just selling and leasing displays. We also offer musical pieces, Tunnels of Light, Custom designed items, Arches, Pole mounts, Skylines, Accessories, Refurbishing Services and much more! We also offer "early order" and "volume purchase" discounts, which is like buying wholesale! We will bend over backwards to satisfy both your needs and expectations. We can even assist you in laying out your park in the most efficient manner.
PHONE: (606) 723-9774